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Churchill Scholarship Internal Application Instructions

The Churchill program requires you to obtain an endorsement from Reed College to be considered for one of their scholarships. The process below outlines how to apply for that endorsement from Reed.

Spend some time on the Cambridge postgraduate admissions course directory website looking at some of the course offerings and identifying which might be a good fit, as well as on the Churchill Scholarship websitewhich has a listing of eligible programs. If nominated by Reed, you will also need to apply to Cambridge separately to be based at Churchill College (in the UK system, colleges are more residential/social, so Churchill College is not an academic entity, but rather where your life would be based). You should begin your application to Cambridge during the internal application process so that you're prepared should you be nominated by Reed.

Internal Application Deadline

September 21st, 2022 at 12:00 PM noon, Pacific Time

Application Steps

Go to the Churchill Scholarship website and follow the application instructions to create an account and sign in to the electronic platform.

Churchill Scholarship Website

A complete internal application consists of the following items:

  • A completed and submitted online application, including:

    • A one-page proposed program of study

    • A two-page personal statement

    • A copy of your transcripts

    • Correspondence with a potential lab supervisor (if applicable)

Internal Letters of Recommendation

For the initial review, you will need to request two recommenders to send internal letters to, briefly outlining why they support your nomination for the committee.

  • The online application requires you to include four recommenders before you can submit the application. Be sure to let two of your potential recommenders know that no action is needed yet, and tell the other two that you only need an internal letter at this time. Should you be nominated by the committee, you can let them all know that you need formal letters.


You will need to complete this online waiver form as the final step in submitting your internal application.

Waiver Form

Applicants submitting application materials electronically by email will generally receive a confirmation within 24 hours. If you do not receive a confirmation during this time, please follow up with the Center for Life Beyond Reed at to ensure that the application was successfully submitted.

Next Steps

You should hear back within a week whether or not you've been selected for an endorsement by the committee and Reed College.

If you are endorsed, we'll unsubmit your application so that you may continue to work on it. A member of the fellowships & awards committee will need to meet with you to get context for the endorsement letter which will be included with your application. You'll need to reach out to your recommenders to let them know you've been endorsed by Reed, and that they'll need to submit recommendations for you in the Churchill's application portal prior to the national deadline. You have the ability to send them reminder emails from within the application portal. There is also generally an informal phone interview for applicants who are selected as finalists.

Apply to Cambridge early. Because Cambridge has rolling admissions, it's recommended that you apply in early October by the deadline for the Gates Cambridge Scholarship.

Churchill applicants are normally notified of the results by late December with public awards announcements by early February.

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