Drawings, Prints, and 20th C. Photographs

1909 Studniczka

This was the next major publication on the Ara Pacis; following Petersen's 1902 two volume publication, Sieveking's 1907 article, and Cannizzaro's important 1907 account of the 1903 excavation. Several of the most important photographs in this new publication had already been published by Petersen, and Durm’s remarkable 1904 drawing had already been published by Dissel. Also, the famous photograph of block III of the original south processional frieze, which included the figures of two flamines, had been published by Sievking in 1907. This shows the block as discovered in the narrow passageway of the tunnel under the Via in Lucina, along the south side of the Piazza Fiano (see Plate 2, fig. 2 below). This block was not excavated until 1937. Nevertheless, a number of key fragments, 4 enlarged details, and a few related materials were here published for the first time.

Scanned from Franz Studniczka, "Zur Ara Pacis", in 
Abhandlungen der Philologisch-Historischen Klasse der Königlich Sächsischen Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften, 
(Abb, Sächs. Ges. der Wissenschaften). Vol. 27, No.26, 1909. 
Text pp. 901-944, plus 34 images on 9 pages of plates.
 Leipzig: B. G. Teubner, 1909. Scanned from a copy in the library of the American Academy in Rome. Reproduced courtesy of the American Academy in Rome.

Captions are literal translations from the German (these 2 pages added August 2012).