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Department of Labor Still Weighing Proposed Overtime Rules

Reed College’s human resources office is closely monitoring proposed changes to overtime regulations that the U.S. Department of Labor is currently considering. The department could make its decision in April, and the new regulations would require some positions at Reed College to move from exempt to non-exempt status. It is unknown at this time what the new wage threshold will be, when the Department of Labor will make its decision, or what the implementation date will be. While there is not a lot of clear information right now, it is understandable that staff at Reed may have concerns about these changes. No one’s salary will decrease because of these regulations, and when more information is known, anyone impacted will be informed of any change to their exempt or non-exempt status before their status changes. You can read more about the proposed changes in these FAQs from the Department of Labor.

For more information, contact Office of Human Resources.
Submitted by Raymond Rodriguez.
Posted on Mar 28, 2024

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