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Proposed Overtime Rules Could Be Announced by April

The U.S. Department of Labor has proposed new overtime regulations that could be announced in March or April. These regulations would require some positions at Reed College to move from exempt status to non-exempt status. As a general rule, non-exempt positions are eligible for overtime pay for time worked in excess of 40 hours a week; exempt positions are not eligible for overtime. There will be no salary decreases as a result of these new federal regulations.

Reed College’s Human Resources is closely monitoring information about these proposed regulations. In the past, similar rules have been proposed but not enacted. If these regulations are enacted this year, Reed College will need to work quickly to ensure the college is compliant with the new regulations. The regulations may need to be in effect as quickly as 60 days after publishing, which does not allow for Human Resources to engage in as extensive of staff engagement over time as they would prefer. Campus News will continue to feature regular updates about the status of these updates in order to keep the campus community informed. Human Resources will be in contact with anyone who holds a position at Reed that will be impacted by these new regulations. If you have any questions, please file a help ticket with HR.

For more information, contact Human Resources.
Submitted by Autumn Barber.

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