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Commons Café is now full service for safety

Effective on Monday, 3/16/2020

 In efforts to limit cross contamination, Commons Café will move to full service for the foreseeable future. We ask for your patience and understanding as we work towards making Commons the safest possible environment for the Reed community.

We are currently offering takeaway service only; open to Reed students, staff and faculty only. Please respect social distancing while placing your orders!

Beverage Line

All beverages will be served by Bon Appetit staff. This will include soda, juice, tea, and coffee.

Accoutrements such as cream, sugar, etc. will be available and served by Bon Appetit staff at the beverage line.

Items such as lids, stir sticks, straws will also be available

Salad & Fruit Bar

Salad bar with limited options is now located between the grill and pizza stations (formerly DIY).

Toppings and dressings are also available.

You will continue to weigh your salad at the register.

Breakfast Pastry, Whole Fruit & Dessert

Breakfast pastry is now located at the Daily Planet stations.

There will be assorted whole fruit as well as vegan and non-vegan dessert items at each station. Each station will have identical offerings. 

Bagels, Toast & Spreads

Bagels, toast and spreads are now located at the breakfast deli, you can get your bagel toasted – just ask the deli staff. 

Waffle Bar

Waffles and toppings are available at the Daily Planet breakfast station.

DIY Station 

Rice and beans are now located at the taqueria.


Soup, toppings, and rolls are now available between the pizza station and grill station (formerly DIY).

Grill Condiments

Condiments for grill items such as barbeque sauce, salsa, etc. as well lettuce, tomato, pickle and onion are now available at the grill station.


Forks/knives/spoons/napkins are now located at each station. You will receive the necessary utensils when you receive your meal.

If you do not receive utensils with your food, please walk to the front of the line at any open station and ask a Bon Appetit employee for what you need.


For more information, contact Michael Bucuvalas or visit:

Posted on Mar 13, 2020

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