"An Incomplete [IN] is permitted in a course where the level of work done up to the point of the [IN] is passing, but not all the work of a course has been completed by the time of grade submission, for reasons of health or extreme emergency, and for no other reason. The decision whether or not to grant an IN in a course is within the purview of the faculty for that course." (Faculty Code V A).

A student requesting an Incomplete (IN) usually must provide documentation of the illness or emergency situation. In these cases, it is often helpful to speak with the health and counseling center about a health update specifically to support a request for an incomplete.  Deadlines for completing required work are to be determined by the instructor but in no case may the date for completion be later than ten days prior to the first day of classes for the subsequent semester. If the student has not completed all of the work for the course at the time incomplete work is due, the instructor will assign a grade based on the work received. IN is not a final grade. Extensions of the deadline for making up an incomplete may be granted by the Administration Committee only in cases where circumstances are compelling and are beyond the control of the student. Students must petition for such exceptions and should do so before the deadline.

(last modified: June 24, 2015)