Every member of the community has a right to file a formal complaint against another community member and to have that complaint heard by an appropriate hearing board. Complaints against students must be filed with the chair of the student judicial board; complaints against faculty members must be filed with the dean of the faculty; complaints against staff members must be filed with the director of human resources or with the vice president/treasurer. The student judicial board code, the rules and procedures of the faculty, and the staff handbook describe the exact procedures for handling and hearing complaints; copies of these documents may be obtained from the dean of student services. Hearing boards at Reed College have the responsibility to investigate complaints, determine facts, and recommend action appropriate to the circumstances of the case and the ethos of an educational institution. Hearings are not trials: they do not take the place of legal action, and complainants always have the right to go the courts or to seek redress from state and federal agencies such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

(last modified: August 21, 2013)