Registrar's office

Eliot 310, 311, 315
8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday
Nora McLaughlin, Registrar. Eliot 310, extension 7774 (503/777-7774)
Ben Bradley, Recorder. Eliot 311, extension 7295 (503/777-7295)
John Colgrove, Associate Registrar. Eliot 315, extension 7292 (503/777-7292)
Mark Fowler, Graduation Eligibility and Transcript Specialist. Eliot 311, extension 7793 (503/777-7793)
Martha Schlitt, Associate Registrar - Enrollment Services. Eliot 315, extension 7296 (503/777-7296)

Sarah Sharp, Administrative & Technical Support Specialist. Eliot 315, extension 7294 (503/777-7294)

The office of the registrar is responsible for the catalog, academic schedule, and final examination schedule; the registration of students; the recording, certification, and maintenance of all student academic records; the processing of the student evaluation of faculty; and the compilation of statistical data from these records.

With the help of the registrar's office, students register for courses and turn in forms to drop or add courses, declare a major, change advisers, take a course for credit/no credit, change their address, petition to the Administration Committee, and make any other changes to student records.

Students also can inquire about transfer credit and progress toward graduation and order transcripts for their own use or to be sent elsewhere.

(last modified: September 26, 2016)