Physical education

Every student is required to pass six quarters of physical education (PE) in order to graduate. Students may receive credit for only one PE course per quarter. Students must register for and then participate in the designated classes to receive credit, or they can register for and play on a school team approved by the PE department. In some cases, with prior approval by the physical education department, students may participate in activities outside the college and receive credit.

Dance courses may be taken for both academic and PE credit, but students must register for both the dance class and the PE class by the appropriate dates.

Students with a physical disability or illness may request that the PE requirement be adjusted or waived. Requests to waive or adjust PE course requirements must be supported by the college medical staff and the PE department before a petition is presented to the Administration Committee.

Students who do not pass six quarters of physical education by the end of their senior year will not graduate and will have to complete the PE requirement the next year.

(last modified: November 22, 2011)