Please see the Theatre courses page for course descriptions.

Gender and Theatre
Theatre History I: Antiquity to Naturalism
Theatre History II: Naturalism to 9/11
Theatre History III: 9/11 to Now
Theatre Laboratory
Junior Seminar
Junior Production Studio
Translation and Adaptation
Advanced Playwriting
Masters of Arts in Liberal Studies: Reading Theatre History

Pepper Pepper visits Gender and Theatre.

Students work on scenes in Directing.

Still from final project in Gender and Theatre.

A. Rey Pamatmat visits Playwriting.

Theatre History students work with archivist Tracy Drake in Reed Special Collections.

Theatre History students stage "Feet."

End of term Directing showcase.

Theatre History I

Students in Theatre History I perform an end of term project about medieval theatre.

Theatre History II

Students in Theatre History II perform in an end of term project about Brecht.


Class project photos by Kate Bredeson