Vanderbilt's Football Team does Srat Better than a Real Sorority

This is a video made by the Vanderbilt football team mocking how sororities use videos that follow the same format for recruitment purposes. They run and frolic in matching shirts and talk about how their “sisterhood” brings them together. This is stereotypical sorority behavior, in almost every recruitment on the internet girls do the same actions in a different order during the videos. The football team on the other hand is thought of as hyper masculine, the men who play are buff and tough and would NEVER be caught acting feminine. In the video when the football players talk they have a pronounced “female” way of talking by using filler words, like when the “president” is talking about how the anchor is their symbol he says, “how…how like great friends we are, we’re just anchored together”. This video was posted to a website Total Sorority Move, a satirical site about Greek life. The video demonstrates different ideologies about Greek life such as everyone partying all the time and students involved in Greek life having zero non-greek friends. This video stays true to these stereotypical ideologies only showing the football team (as sorority girls) and zero people outside of the team. They all wear matching outfits and talk in the same mocking accent. Overall this video is used as a satire of sorority recruitment videos through the gendered “sorority girl” stereotype and language. [Published on 04-20-2017]

Posted by Hannah Nitz on May 11, 2017


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