Um Okay Sure: 5 Types of Trees Or Whatever Lol

This is a short article from Clickhole that lists 5 types of trees, with a caption. The author, who probably does not speak this way in normal life, has mimicked the speech of a teenager by using phrases and words that show up mostly in teenage speech. This article reminded me of the reading we did on Tuesday, 02/19, "So who? Like how? Just what? Discourse markers in the conversations of young Canadians," by Sali Tagliamonte, because the Clickhole writer is using some of the same words that Tagliamonte looked at. Of course this Clickhole article focuses more on the way that teenage speak appears in writing rather than out loud though. [Published on 02-26-2019]

Posted by Yesim Yilmaz on February 27, 2019

Canadian English;

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