The Anglish Moot

This fandom page is dedicated to the Anglish movement, a form of English linguistic purism. Followers of this movement speak English only using Germanic-based words, purposefully omitting words with Latin or Greek roots. They do this either because they think it's fun and historically interesting, because they think that's how the language was "meant" to be, or because they think it simplifies the language, therefore making it easier to speak. This is a really informative site, but can be kind of difficult to navigate due to the Anglish terms. For a more concise but thorough explanation, I will also link the following YouTube video. Here he explains more of the linguistic aspects rather than the movement itself: Additionally, here is a Reddit page devoted to Anglish and opinions about it (but not written in Anglish, so easier to read): I found this fascinating because this is an idea that has allegedly been about since the 1100s. [Published on 03-10-2019]

Posted by Maria Panopoulos on March 10, 2019


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