Miraculous Accent

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Language is miraculous. It is diverse because of various regions, there comes accents. Siobhan Thompson imitates 17 different accents in Britain, exploring which region may speak these accents and who are the people that speak these accents. She presents typical stars or movie actors and demonstrates accents like RP, Received Pronunciation, the standard BBC English; Heightened RP, generally spoken in movies or television; London; East Anglia; West County; Northern Welsh and the like. United Kingdom is not among one of those countries with the large territory but it has more than 17 kinds of accents. How can you believe the millions of accents spoken around the world? Besides the amazing of the large numbers of accents, the diverse culture and language behind the accents are also amazing. It is easy to find that people who speak different accents sometimes have their own slang, which represents for their unique culture.

Posted by Junhong Chen on June 26, 2017

British English;
Received Pronunciation;

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