Hatred of the word "moist": voluntary or involuntary?

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Since the How I Met Your Mother character, Lily's hatred of the word “moist” was revealed in 2007, I have encountered lots of people who also hate the word. Whether this was a voluntary choice is unclear. I do know of a few people who began hating it after seeing this episode of the show. Is this purely an expression of speaker agency discussed in the speaker design model? Are they modeling their linguistic likes and dislikes after Lily or did she just bring the so-called gross word to everyone’s attention? What is it about the word that makes people find it so distasteful? Dane Cook seems to think the dislike is related to gender. Check out this video of his stand-up bit about women hating the word: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nRMmrY_Qh4

Posted by Carly Goldblatt on March 5, 2015

Bell, Allan

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