"10 Reasons Lifting is a Religion".

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Dom Mazzetti is an iconic Youtuber for the lifting community in general. Some categories of lifters who watch these videos for enjoyment are: Powerlifters, Bodybuilders, Weightlifters, Powerbuilders, and more. Dom has created a series of satire Youtube videos for the lifting community that he calls "Broscience". These videos show heavy use of stereotypical "male gym speak" and every video shows a new satirical example of how to be the most "alpha", or the most "manly man", in your gym. These videos show language ideology in the weight room and free weight area in a gym and how to become a normality within this society by the words that you use when with fellow weight lifting members. Dom plays along gender and sex language ideology by performatively using (thus showing) differences in language use between the stereotypical “muscle head” male compared to the normality of speech in society.

Posted by Jessica Coogle on May 7, 2017


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