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English Major Wins Unrue Award

English major Hannah Fung-Wiener wins the Unrue Award for her thesis, titled "Sounding Lines."

English major Hannah Fung-Wiener ’16 has won the John Gregory Unrue ’84 Memorial Award for an outstanding thesis in the division of literature and languages.

The award committee hailed Hannah’s “exceptional” thesis, which is titled Sounding Lines.

Her advisor, Prof. Lisa Steinman [English], said: “Hannah is a young writer whose work I expect to see in print in the years to come, since the thesis demonstrates the talent, work ethic, and seriousness of someone who will continue to write and grow as a poet.”

The Unrue award recognizes outstanding work in the Division of Literature and Languages and comes with a prize of $2,500. It was created with a gift from John and Darlene Unrue in memory of their son Greg Unrue ’84, who died in 2008.

Hannah won the Mary Barnard Academy of American Poets Prize in 2014 for her poem “Pact.”

General lit major Carol Iglesias Otero ’16 also won the Unrue Award this year.

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