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KRRC, Dirigible of the Airwaves, is Punctured

A trove of high-end audio equipment worth approximately $7,000 was reported stolen from the KRRC studio on October 13, 2016.

KRRC is the fiercely independent student-run radio station that has been broadcasting on-air (and now online) since 1954. It is entirely funded by the student senate and operates in facilities provided by Reed, namely the Student Union.

In response to the theft, the students set up a crowdfunding appeal to replace the stolen equipment, which included an iMac, mixers, turntables, and microphones. Generous alumni have stepped up to support the effort.

The crowdfunding appeal raced ahead of campus processes for replacing the equipment. The college does carry property insurance, but the deductible of $25,000 per occurrence would not cover this theft. Reed staff have since met with a student representing KRRC to discuss their options for replacing the equipment.

Financial transfers to this particular crowdfunding site are not managed by Reed and consequently cannot be reported as charitable donations to Reed.

The theft was reported to the Portland Police Bureau.