Eliot Circular

History Lives On

Reed launches Dorothy Johansen Society for the History of Reed College.

The Reed Oral History Project, which culminated in the book Comrades of the Quest, reporting the first 100 years of the college, did not provide for sustained interviews going forward into the second century. That gap has been filled by the creation of the Dorothy Johansen Society for the History of Reed College. The DJS, whose membership will comprise people willing to work on and/or financially support the documenting, maintaining, and disseminating of the ongoing story of Reed, will hold its inaugural meeting this coming Reedfayre 2013, June 12–16. Founder Jim Kahan ’64 has provided funding to cover the DJS operating costs for the next few years as it gets started. Gay Walker ’69, special collections librarian for the Hauser Library, will provide administrative oversight for the interviewing and archiving effort, while the development office will work with DJS committee members to generate continuing support, with the hope of creating an endowment for these operations.

For more information, email Gay Walker or Jim Kahan.