Eliot Circular

A Stitch in Time Saves Iphigenia

Photos by Darryl James


Environmental studies major Rennie Meyers ’15 loosens up while visiting assistant professor and costume designer Corrine Larson adjusts a neckline backstage for Iphigenia and Other Daughters, directed by Kathleen Worley [theatre 1985–] in November. Written by Ellen McLaughlin, the play offers a glimpse into the thoughts and lives of the characters caught in the web of the House of Atreus. Right, Iphigenia (Rennie) leans over Orestes (Zak Garriss ’15) with sacrificial knife in hand. As the priestess of Artemis, she is supposed to kill any man who ventures into the shrine of the goddess, but something about this one intrigues here. She doesn’t know he’s her brother... yet.