Michael Pitts: mpitts@reed.edu

Enriqueta Canseco-Gonzalez: ecanseco@reed.edu


SCALP LAB: Psychology Building, Rooms 131 & 138

From the intersection of SE 39th and SE Woodstock Blvd, head west on Woodstock Blvd down the hill. Turn right (north) into the Reed East Parking Lot. The Psychology building is located on the north side of the East Parking Lot. After you enter the double doors, turn right and head down a long hallway; the SCALP LAB recording rooms will be on the right (131 then 138).

How to participate in an experiment

To sign-up for an experiment, contact the lead researcher for a specific project. See the "People" page for lists of current projects and contact info. Alternatively, email Michael or Enriqueta and they will help connect you with a researcher and an experiment to participate in.

Before collecting any data, each experiment is reviewed by the Reed College IRB. This review process ensures that all of our procedures are safe and that subjects are protected from any unnecessary risks. As a participant, the first thing you will do is read and sign a consent form that details the specifics of the particular experiment. You can discontinue your participation at any time for any reason without penalty. Importantly, the EEG technique is "non-invasive"; while we measure small electrical signals produced by the brain, no electricity is ever sent in the opposite direction.

While some of our experiments are funded and offer participants small monetary rewards for their participation, most experiments rely on volunteers who participate "in the name of science". These participants often receive lottery tickets which provide a small chance to win money at a future date.  

How to prepare for an EEG experiment

  1. get a good night's sleep the day before arriving to the lab;
  2. wash your hair before arriving to the lab (make sure it's dry by the time you get there);
  3. if you wear contact lenses, wear your glasses instead;
  4. wear causal, comfortable clothing;
  5. bring something to do during the cap preparation procedure (book to read, study materials, iPad/iPod/droid, etc.);
  6. bring any hair or make-up products you might need, you will wash the electrode gel out of your hair after the experiment (we will supply shampoo, a towel, and a hair dryer).


Will it hurt?

Will you be able to "read my mind"?

Will I see a picture of my brain?

Will I see my own brain waves in real time?