• Biology 431: Cytoskeletal Dynamics
    • An exploration of our current understanding of the cytoskeleton and its role in cell migration, morphogenesis, and disease. We will explore the primary literature and discuss how the cytoskeleton (actin, microtubules, and intermediate filaments) is regulated and how the molecular motors (kinesin, dynein, and myosin) contribute to cellular function. One-half course for one semester. Prerequisites: Biology 101/102, two additional units of biology with laboratory, and junior or senior standing.

  • Biology 372: Cellular Biology
    • An in-depth study of the structure-function relationships within eukaryotic cells. The course emphasizes macromolecular organization and compartmentation of cellular activities. Lecture topics include evolution of cells, cellular reproduction, motility, signal transduction, cell-cell interactions, energy transduction, functional specialization, cell death, and cancer. Laboratories investigate models of cellular regulation and incorporate methods that integrate morphological and biochemical techniques. Full course for one semester. Prerequisites: Biology 101/102 and Chemistry 101/102. Chemistry 201/202 is recommended. Lecture-laboratory.

  • Biology 101: Introductory Biology - Cellular Biology Unit
    • Full course for one semester each, taught by several staff members. The course furnishes an understanding of biological principles and the properties of life. Among topics considered are structure and function of plants and animals, relations of organisms to each other and to their environment, energy relations of organisms, integrative and coordinating mechanisms of organisms, cell biology principles, genetics, molecular biology, reproduction, development and growth, and the evidence for organic evolution. The laboratory deals with the descriptive and experimental aspects of the topics covered in the lectures. Lecture-laboratory.


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