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The Drosophila melanogaster Rab GAP RN-tre cross-talks with the Rho1 signaling pathway to regulate nonmuscle myosin II localization and function. Platenkamp A, Detmar E, Sepulveda L, Ritz A, Rogers SL, Applewhite DA. Molecular Bioology of the Cell, 31(21), 2289-2408. Septempter 29, 2020.


Network-based prediction of polygenic disease genes involved in cell motilityBern M, King A, Applewhite DA, Ritz A. BMC bioinformatics, 20(Suppl 12), 313. June 20, 2019.

The Drosophila protein, Nausicaa, regulates lamellipodial actin dynamics in a Cortactin-dependent manner. O'Connell ME, Sridharan D, Driscoll T, Krishnamurthy I, Perry WG, Applewhite DA. Biology open, 8(6), bio038232. June 15, 2019.

Ena/VASP processive elongation is modulated by avidity on actin filaments bundled by the filopodia cross-linker fascin. Harker AJ, Katkar HH, Bidone TC, Aydin F, Voth GA, Applewhite DA, Kovar DR. Molecular Biology of the Cell 30(7), 851–862. March 21, 2019.


A Cell-based Assay to Investigate Non-muscle Myosin II Contractility via the Folded-gastrulation Signaling Pathway in Drosophila S2R+ Cells. Peters KA, Detmar E, Sepulveda L, Del Valle C, Valsquier R, Ritz A, Applewhite DA. Journal of Visualized Experiments : JoVE, (138), 58325. August 19, 2018.


The Gas2 family protein Pigs is a microtubule +TIP that affects cytoskeleton organisation. Girdler SC, Applewhite DA, Perry WM, Rogers SL, Röper K. Journal of Cell Science 129(1):121:34. January 1, 2016.

Imaging of the Cytoskeleton Using Live and Fixed Drosophila Tissue Culture Cells. Applewhite DA, Davis CA, Griffis ER, Quintero OA. Methods in Molecular Biology 1365:83-97. 2016


The actin-microtubule cross-linking activity of Drosophila Short stop is regulated by intramolecular inhibition. Applewhite DA, Grode KD, Duncan MC, Rogers SL. Molecular Biology of the Cell 24(18):2885-93. September, 2013.


The spectraplakin Short stop is an actin-microtubule cross-linker that contributes to organization of the microtubule network. Applewhite DA, Grode KD, Keller D, Zadeh AD, Slep KC, Rogers SL. Molecular Biology of the Cell 21(10):1714-24. May 15, 2010.


Ena/VASP proteins have an anti-capping independent function in filopodia formation. Applewhite DA, Barzil M, Kojima S, Svitkina TM, Gertler FB, Borisy GG. Molecular Biology of the Cell 18(7):2579-91. May 2, 2007.


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