Works and Days

Presidents Summer Fellowship, Supernatural Shakespearian Webseries Part 3, Liz Groombridge

President’s Summer Fellow Elizabeth Groombridge ’16, psychology/theater major, is writing and creating a queer, supernatural webseries, “The Green’s Apartment”, based on Shakespeare’s comedy As You Like It.

Final Days

After the data loss panic of the last post, the hard drive came back with 90% of the data recovered. A few shots were lost, leading to a few odd shot choices in the past 5 episodes, but enough was recovered that the series was able to be finished. And the footage for the last 4 episodes (the ones still coming out) was stored on another drive, so the project is completely out of the woods now. 

Episode 12 just came out Tuesday 10/6, leaving 4 more episodes to go. Video editing has been difficult these past few weeks, as I am trying to work it around my thesis work. However, I plan to have these episodes out by the end of next week. Episode 16 will conclude the series, and then I plan to do another Q&A video, as well as post some fun bloopers, of which we have many.

If you would like to submit questions for our Q&A, please submit them to our tumblr page's ask box or our Facebook page. Please also support the show by following our tumblr, liking our Facebook page, or especially subscribing to our Youtube channel!

It's been a really long, exhausting journey, but it's also been really fun. I've learned so much more about how to film a series, how to edit video, and just about Youtube web series in general. I'm really glad I had this opportunity, even with all the stress that filming and the data loss gave me. Thank you so much for this, and I hope you all enjoyed the series!

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