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Presidents Summer Fellowship, Supernatural Shakespearian Webseries Part 2, Liz Groombridge

Watch Act I Scene I here.

President’s Summer Fellow Elizabeth Groombridge ’16, psychology/theater major, is writing and creating a queer, supernatural webseries, “The Green’s Apartment”, based on Shakespeare’s comedy As You Like It.

Bumps Along the Road

We wrapped filming on August 8th in Chicago. It was an amazing experience with so many wonderful people. The whole cast was great and did so well with their parts. It was a stressful experience, filming, because I blocked out 4 hours to film each episode, and for some episodes that was more than enough and for some it was a little short. I learned so much about directing film over the course of this project, because I've never done anything on this scale before. The more episodes I shot, the better my shot compositions became, and the more I understood how to make things dynamic on camera. 

But I think what really helped me learn more about how to direct film was editing it. Choosing to edit during the process was a really good decision, I think, because by watching my footage so carefully and piecing together the narrative from different angles, I began to really understand what looked good and what looked awkward or flat. This has been an amazing learning experience for me. 

So far, 7 episodes and one Q&A video have gone up. 

Unfortunately, I have hit a snag in video production. One of my hard drives with the footage on it got damaged, and I had to send it out for data recovery. It will hopefully be done by September 10th, and I think most of the footage is intact. I hope so, anyway. Obviously I can't post episodes during this time, so I have decided to post additional content instead. I will start with a second Q&A video, and from there possibly make some videos explaining aspects of the production in relation to Shakespearean theater. I am drafting some possible scripts at the moment. Once I get the data back, I will post episodes at an accelerated rate, two a week, ending the series on October 8th. 

If you would like to submit questions for our Q&A, please submit them to our tumblr page's ask box or our Facebook page. Please also support the show by following our tumblr, liking our Facebook page, or especially subscribing to our Youtube channel!

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