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Reed Winter Externships

Last winter, we introduced Winter Externships to Reedies. Twenty-four students participated in 11 externships around the US. This year, we're gearing up for a larger pool of opportunities and to deploying more first, second, and third year Reedies across the country from January 6 to 17. 

So far for January, we have opportunities in several different areas of education—Waldorf, TESOL, the Socratic method, Saturday Academy, and the politics of teaching. There are some great opportunities for students interested in pre-law: activist law with Public Citizen; family law, tax law; medicine and psychology in neuroscience, small-town hospital/pathology, medical policy and funding, naturopathic wellness and digestive disorders; writing and social media; government with a state representative; finance with a tax practice; environment through sustainability at large institutions and hazardous waste through county government; libraries; the emerging field of radiochemistry; entrepreneurialism, and social justice through gritty survival issues of homelessness in New York City.

Anytime we ask for help engaging with Reed students, the most amazing alumni, parents, and friends step up. This fall has been no different. Some folks are offering externships and others are offering places to stay. The net result will be that a lot of students will have incredible experiences that will help them figure out what's next. 

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