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The Reed College Peer-Reviewed Journal, Ch 2

The objective of my proposed publication has undergone a subtle shift over the last two months. I had initially envisioned either a formal review that surveyed a year’s work at Reed, or a thematic publication, composed of art, essays, and, fiction. Since then, my objective has narrowed.

The Reed Symposium Series will be a bi-annual print journal that aims to capture the profundity and diversity of discussions that are characteristic of the Reed community, in and out of the classroom. The intention is to find inventive and effective methods of engaging voices in discourse on subjects that enmesh the entire community, not only as members of the Reed institution, but as affiliates of an academic and artistic body. The topic for Issue Zero is, To show one’s face.

Paris Review 3

I have solicited three essays and one piece of fiction from writers of various academic backgrounds. A collaborative essay involving two contributors will open the prototype issue. The collaborative essay is fashioned by splicing the writers’ prose into numerous vignettes and interweaving the texts to create one cohesive piece. Both contributors’ work appears in its entirety within the essay, but not successively. Each vignette, having taken on its own personality and purpose, will develop with and respond to the surrounding vignettes. The objective is to intermingle the contributors’ texts in a manner that will maintain the integrity of their work, while also establishing a dialogue.

At Work, Paris Review

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