Works and Days

Rebecca Richman, Commerce Kitchen

There's a pig!

As always, Commerce Kitchen has been a blast!

 We’ve learned a lot throughout the internship. We had our fist project taken away because it started getting out of the scope of things in intern can do. What started as linkbait turned into a campaign and the subsequently turned uncontrollable. For us interns at least. We were still able to launch an entire linkbait project despite all the time that campaign took up.

 This was a super exciting process. It was challenging, as it was very hands off, but very rewarding. We researched Seattle Mortgage Planners, their audience and the best way to reach out to them. We settled on an infographic about biking in Seattle. If you want, you can check it out here! (

 Researching for this was entertaining- now I know lots of niche things about Seattle biking.

While outreach was difficult, it was very rewarding. We emailed several bike blogs and other bike-related businesses in Seattle with our infographic asking what they thought and if they’d like to promote it. Though we didn’t get emailed back very often, it was great to hear positive things on those who did.

Definitely an awesome summer!

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