Works and Days

Commerce Kitchen!


I’m Rebecca and I’m reporting in from my job at Commerce Kitchen. I just love it... The work is challenging, but rewarding.  I’m working in Internet marketing and I’ve been researching Search Engine Optimization and designing link bait and other promotional events. Most recently, Sofi, the other Reed intern, and I have been working on an in-house event to engage the local startup community. We’re going to have them over for Commerce Kitchen’s famed Wine Friday’s! The exciting thing about this project is that we’re in charge! We are designing and executing the whole thing. It is quite the fast-paced environment, but at least things are never boring!

In addition to the work, the people are great! They are a lot like Reedies. They’re fun and geeky and really nice. They are super-smart and very talented in their work whether it is coding or designing. Commerce Kitchen is pretty small, so I’ve already gotten to know almost everyone. There’s even a pig! One of the ladies has a pet pig, that is. And everybody brings their dogs to work. Such welcoming, friendly and funny people make it a great place to work.

Another exciting thing about this internship is being in Denver! Denver is an exciting city with great public transportation. The fish isn’t super fresh but the meat is very good. Interesting fare like bison is served regularly. People are also super friendly here, like nowhere else it seems to me! It seems like a West Coast chillness meets a cowboy camaraderie! It is hot, though. Thank goodness we’ve got good air conditioning!

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