Week 1 Maps and/as Art

Image Gallery

James Elkins, “Art History and Images that are Not,” in The Domain of Images (Ithaca:
Cornell University Press, 1999), 3-12.

Ronald Rees, “Historical Links between Cartography and Art,” Geographical Review 70
(January 1980), 61-78. Available Online

Week 2 Mapping Theory

Image Gallery

J. B. Harley, “ “Maps, Knowledge, and Power,”in The New Nature of Maps: Essays in the History of Cartography (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2001), 52-81.

David Summer, “Planarity,” “Measure and Ratio,” “Ratio, Proportion and Harmony,”
Grids,” “Planes, Grids, and Social Space,” “Grids, Measure, and Agriculture,”
“Colonies,” and “Maps,” in Real Spaces: World History and the Rise of Western
(London: Phaidon, 2003), 343-346, 403-430.

Week 3 (class canceled)

Week 4 Picturing Maps in Art

Image Gallery

Allie Tepper

Svetlana Alpers, “The Mapping Impulse in Dutch Art,” in The Art of Describing: Dutch
Art in the Seventeenth Century
(Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1983),

Gayle Clemans, “Introduction” and “Maya Lin: Where Opposites Meet,” in The Map as
Art: Contemporary Artists Explore Cartography
, Katherine Harmon (Princeton:
Princeton University Press, 2009), 9-16, 246-253.

Week 5 Mapping Vision

Image Gallery

Sonia Vucetic

Lucia Nuti, “Mapping Places: Chorography and Vision in the Renaissance,” in Mappings,
ed. Denis Cosgrove (London: Reaktion, 1999), 90-108.

Renzo Dubbini, “The City Reflected,” in Geography of the Gaze in Early Modern
Europe: Urban and Rural Vision in Early Modern Europe
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Week 6 Mapping Historiography

Image Gallery

Gena Beam

Juergen Schulz, “Jacopo de’ Barbari’s View of Venice Map-Making, City Views, and
Moralized Geography,” Art Bulletin 60 (1978): 425-74. Available Online.

Bronwen Wilson, “From Myth to Metropole: Sixteenth-Century Printed Maps of
Venice,” The World in Venice: Print, the City, and Early Modern Identity
(Toronto: University of Toronto, 2005), 23-69.

Week 7 Mapping Perspective

Image Gallery

Manny Martinez

Lucia Nuti, “The Perspective Plan in the Sixteenth Century: The Invention of a
Representational Language,” Art Bulletin 76: 3 ( March 1994), 105-28. Available Online

John P. Snyder, “Emergence of Map Projections: Classical Through Renaissance,” in
Flattening the Earth (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2001), 1-54.

Week 8 Mapping Cultural Identity

Image Gallery

Rebecca Switzer

Henri Lefebvre, The Production of Space (Malden, MA: Blackwell), 68-111.

Dana E. Katz, “Spatial Stories: Mantua and the Painted Jew” In Judah Moscato and
Mantua in the Renaissance
. Edited by Giuseppe Veltri, Adam Shear, and
Gianfranco Miletto. Leiden: Brill, forthcoming.

Week 9 Mapping Streetscapes

Image Gallery

Laini Szostkowski

Michel de Certeau, The Practice of Everyday Life (Berkeley: University of California
Press, 1984), 91-130.

Rose Marie San Juan, Rome: A City Out of Print (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota
Press, 2001), 23-55.

Week 10 Mapping National Identity

Image Gallery

Erin DeJesus

Yi-Fu Tuan, “Ethnocentrism, Symmetry, and Space, in Topophilia: A Study of
Environmental Perception, Attitudes, and Values
(Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice
Hall, 1974), 30-44.

Seymour Schwartz, "Mapping an Expanding Nation," The Mapping of America (New York: Harry N. Abrams, 1980), pp. 219-261.

Week 11 The Cartographic Imagination

Sarah Balog

Image Gallery

Robert Slifkin, “Fitz Lane and Cartographic Consciousness in Antebellum American

Martin Bruckner, “Introduction” and “Maps, Spellers, and the Semiotics of Nationalism
in the Early Republic,” in The Geographic Revolution in Early America: Maps
Literacy and National Identity
(Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press,
2006), 1-15, 98-141.

David Summers, “Alignment and Orientation,” and “North, South, East and West,” in
Real Spaces, pp. 180-186

Week 12 The Postmodern Map

Image Gallery

Leo Steinberg, “The Flatbed Picture Plane,” (excerpts from the essay “Other Criteria) in
Other Criteria, (New York: Oxford University Press, 1972), 82-91.

Robert Smithson, “A Museum of Language in the Vicinity of Art,” “Gyrostasis,” and “A
Provisional Theory of Non-Sites” in Collected Writings, ed. Jack Flam (Berkeley:
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(Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2005), 3-26.

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Week 13 Mapping the Virtual

Lara Pena

Donna Haraway, “Deanimations: Maps and Portraits of Life Itself,” in Picturing Science,
Producing Art,
ed. Caroline Jones and Perer Galison (London: Routledge, 1998),

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