Course Requirements

Regular attendance and active participation
Presentation and Response paper (2 pages)
Research Proposal (Wednesday, March 31)
Research Paper (8 pages, Wednesday, April 28)


Once during the semester, you will to lead the discussion. In preparation, you will circulate to the entire class a list of questions that will serve to stimulate conference discussion. All students are required to read the questions and explore possible responses.

When preparing questions, please consider the principle issues raised by the selected readings. What is the proposed thesis? How is it substantiated? Conceptually, how do the themes brought out in the text correspond to other readings we have studied? How do they correspond to the imagery we have analyzed?

Response Paper (2 pages)

Students will write a two page response to the assigned readings on the day on their class presentation. This paper should concisely summarize the main points of the readings and forge critical connections to other readings and themes already addressed in the class. Finally, students should pose a few questions concerning the possible limitations of the texts and consider ways in which they might be expanded.

Research Paper (8 pages)

All students are required to write a term paper on any topic that corresponds with the theme of the course. The paper is due in class Wednesday, May X. In preparation for the paper, students will present to the class (and to submit to us) a proposal describing their research project (due Wednesday, March X). This assignment includes an abstract of 1-2 paragraphs, a working bibliography, and copies of the images under consideration. Please come and see us if you would like help deciding on a topic, or if you have any other questions.