This web site owes most to those who, over more than a century, have located and rescued the Ara Pacis Augustae, reconstructed and restored it, and made it available to the public. Notably, this web site honors those who, during the past decade, have transformed the physical conditions under which the altar is now so well preserved and displayed.

An equal debt is owed to the legion of international scholars who have explored the Ara Pacis in such depth from so many perspectives. This includes not only archaeologists, historians, classicists, art historians, and conservators, but also the draughtsmen and photographers who have provided such valuable records of the monument at various points in its history, many of which are reproduced on this web site.

I have had helpful conversations with Allan Ceen, Janina Darling, Walter Englert, Susann Lusnia, John Pollini, Peter Rockwell, and Maria Josè Strazzulla. Gaius Stern has been especially helpful in sharing a number of his recent, unpublished papers.

This web site has been developed for teaching and research. As such it has benefited from the technical support and sage advice of staff members of Reed’s Educational Technology Center: Marianne Colgrove, deputy chief technology officer; Tony Moreno, digital media specialist; and members of Reed’s computer user services staff, who have so often come to my rescue. In the Visual Resources Center, I have depended most heavily on Karin Whalen, visual resources librarian, and on Caitlin Kirkpatrick, digital resources specialist; in the Library on Joanna Burgess, digital assets librarian; and Angie Beiriger, digital assets specialist.

Most notably, this web site has depended on the expertise and skill of Jason Parker, academic web specialist, with whom it has been such a pleasure to work. In many ways Jason should be considered a co-creator of this web site.

A number of students and professional associates have helped me with translation. For Italian: McCullough Kelly, Jenya Kudryaytseva, Max Maller, and Francesca Mucciaccio.

Above all, as with all of my teaching and research, this web site has depended on the multifaceted support of Reed College.

This web site is not affiliated with the Museo dell'Ara Pacis.