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Steve Jobs and Reed

As everyone knows, Steve Jobs did not graduate from Reed College. (He may, in fact, be one of the most famous “non-graduates” in modern history). Nonetheless, his experience at Reed left a profound impression on him, as he reiterated on many occasions.

This week, the biopic Jobs, starring Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs (and James Woods as Dean Jack Dudman), is being released to theaters around the world. In light of the enduring fascination with all things Steve, we decided to pull together some information about his time on campus.

Prodigal Son. This obituary, originally published in December 2012, focuses on Steve’s time at Reed, including how he used insights from Shakespeare, dance, and calligraphy in his later career.

Staying Hungry. Steve’s 1991 Convocation speech at Reed offers a glimpse into how his threadbare days on campus shaped his philosophy.

The Dudman Files. The backstory on legendary Dean of Students Jack Dudman ’42, whom Steve later called "one of the heroes of my life."

Steve and the Doyle Owl. Did Steve really capture the Doyle Owl?

Steve and Calligraphy. Steve talks about how calligraphy classes at Reed shaped the Macintosh computer.

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