Performance Practice


A community-based performance created with Roberta Hunte and the cast

Directed by Catherine Ming T’ien Duffly and Roberta Hunte
Design by Jenny Ampersand

Sponsored by Western States Center and a grant from the Regional Arts and Culture Commission

Photos by Jenny Ampersand

We Are BRAVE was a community-based theatre project created in collaboration with members of the Western States Center BRAVE (Building Reproductive Autonomy and Voices for Equity) Project, a cohort of community organizations and individuals focused on infusing reproductive justice into their non-profit work and advocacy. This project involved several storytelling workshops and in-depth interviews with cohort members and culminated in a public installation and performance. The We Are Brave collaboration sought to create public dialogue around a stigmatized issue, reproductive health. By creating a community based theater performance with members and constituents of BRAVE, we sought to cultivate a forum in which people of color had the opportunity to gain some measure of power and autonomy by publicly sharing their workshopped stories.