Boris and Natasha - Russian Stereotypes

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This youtube clip from a news report on Russian intelligence officers who were arrested in New York peppers in lines from Boris and Natasha of the '60s cartoon Rocky and Bullwinkle. Boris and Natasha were the main villains throughout this show that took place during the Red Scare and are very clearly used as anti-Russian propaganda, similar to what we read about with Disney bad guys. This clip shows that even today Boris and Natasha are still used to illustrate the US's fear of Russian spies. One commenter writes: "Boris and Natasha were NOT Russian. They were from Pottsylvania." Had this commenter read Lippi-Green's paper, they might understand that Pottsylvania is simply a cover-up for the writers' anti-Russian intentions. Citation: Lippi-Green, Rosina. 1977. Teaching children how to discriminate.

Posted by Andrea Bryant on May 1, 2019

Lippi-Green, Rosina

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