Alumni Hordes Sack Campus

A burst of confetti and a clamor of kazoos herald an awe-inspiring procession of generations in the Grand Parade.

More than 2,600 alumni and guests descended on Reed June 6–12 for Reunions 2011, which marked the biggest gathering of the Reed tribe in recorded history. The weeklong celebration included no fewer than 232 events, ranging from a Reed opera (inspired by Gilbert & Sullivan) to an ’80s-vs-the-world rugby match to a keynote address from poet Gary Snyder ’51.

Alumni thronged the dorms (every room was filled), barbecued on the quad, and boogied in diverse and sundry ways, from pioneer reels to riot grrrl romp to New Orleans blues.

“We all had a great time at rugby and other reunion events,” wrote Sebastian Pastore ’90. “Best 12 hours I have spent on campus since 1984–88.”

“I don’t remember having so much fun before,” wrote Teri Reis-Schmidt ’76. “What a great party, wonderful gathering of the clans, and a roster filled with interesting (and some surprising) events.”

One reason for the surge in attendance was that many alumni jettisoned the needless obsession with quintuples and decided to make it “their year” regardless of the technical date of their 20th, 25th, etc. reunion.

“People from all vintages are always welcome at Reunions, whether it’s a milestone year for them or not,” says Mela Kunitz ’87, assistant director of alumni & parent relations.

For highlights—including class photos—see And don’t miss a special online interview with Gary Snyder ’51. Photo by Leah Nash