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The Art of Listening

By Katie Pelletier ’03

Reed’s first ethnomusicologist on tango, culture, and the politics of music

Song of the Nightingale

By Kieran Hanrahan ’15

Psychiatric nurse rewires Portland’s approach to mental health

VIDEO: Crescent Loom
Crescent Loom is a computer game designed by neuroscientist Wick Perry ’13 to introduce students to the fundamentals of brain circuitry. While the imaginary creatures in Crescent Loom may be primitive, they operate on the same principles that underlie animals in the real world, from worms to elephants to jellyfish. Connect a neuron to a muscle—when the neuron fires, the muscle contracts. Wire neurons to each other in the right way and you can build an elementary circuit that allows your creature to steer clear of obstacles or track down food.