Distant Vision

By Romel Hernandez

How Thomas Lamb Eliot shaped a college—and a city.

Keeping the Flame

By William Abernathy ’88

Thirty years later, Arlene Blum ’66 scores key victory over flame-retardants—again.

Behind the Curve

By Chris Lydgate ’90

Prof. Josh Howe explores the paradoxical history of global warming.

Stroke of Genius

By Laurie Lindquist

Producer Farley Ziegler ’84 makes a film about one man’s quest to unlock the secrets of Vermeer.

Looking Back at Freedom Summer

By Nisma Elias ’12

Fifty years on, Reedies reflect on the Summer of ’64

VIDEO: Physics majors build musical staircase
Allie Morgan ’14 and Anya Demko ’14 (demonstrating) installed lasers and phototransistors on the spiral staircase in Vollum, turning the steps into a giant, twisting keyboard spanning two octaves on a C major scale.