Birth of a Language. Turning Garbage into Gold. How Reed Changed Us. Apuleius Unbridled. Master of Deception.

Birth of a Language

How a group of Nicaraguan children invented a new language and what it tells us about the nature of the human mind.

Apuleius Unbridled

Professor Sonia Sabnis reads <i>The Golden Ass</i> with a fresh eye.

Going through the Fire

What makes Reed work? The Oral History Project yields some telling clues.

Master of Deception

Wordsmith Roger Hobbs ’11 on the art of addictive fiction.

Garbage and Gutenberg

Can 3-D printers help impoverished communities?

Games Without Rules

Tamim Ansary ’70 traces the history of the two Afghanistans.

Between Two Worlds

Shadab Zeest Hashmi ’95 navigates the journey from Pakistan to California.

Venturing Back to Middle School

Reedies Mentor Portland Kids in LASER Program