Lucas Illing's homepage

Links for the Nonlinear Optics Lab

RF-Electronics & Opto-Electronics
JDSU (Mach-Zehnder Modulators, Optical Splitters)
EOspace (Mach-Zehnder Modulators)
PicoSecond Pulse Labs (RF Electronics)
JFW Industries (Attenuators)
Miteq (Optical Receivers)
MegaPhase (Broadband Coaxial Cables)
SHF Communications Technologies (Modulator Driver)
MiniCircuits (RF Electronics)
Fairview Microwave (RF Electronics)
acronymeo (Fiber Optics) [on ebay]
Digi-Key (general electronics, Fiber Optics Connectors)
Optics Companies
Thorlabs (general optics, Fiber Polarization Controllers)
Newport (general optics, Variable Delay Lines)
Fiber Instrument Sales (Fiber Optics, Splice-On connectors)
New Focus (general optics)
Melles Griot (general optics)
Hamamatsu (detectors)
Boulder Nonlinear Systems(liquid crystal spatial light modulators)
Karl Lambrecht (polarization optics)
Omega Optical Inc. (interference filters)
EXFO (purchased Burleigh) (optical characterizaton)
IntraAction Corp. (acousto-optic devices)
Isomet (acousto-optic devices)
Coherent (lasers)
CableOrganizer (shrink wrap for fiber splicing)
Apex Microtechnology Corp (high voltage and high power operational amplifiers)
E.N. Murray (acoustic dampling/isolation) singlemat with:
  2 lb polyester foam (good density for general frequencies),  lead barrier (flexible, holds form, easy to cut),
  no adhesive, 1/2" thick (thinnest available), use 3M's Super 77 aerosol adhesive
The Magnet Source (magnets)
Lytron (Cooling systems and components)
Sorbothane (vibration isolation) available in 24"x24" sheets
Trace Sciences International (isotopes)
Triad Technologies, Inc. Vapor Cells (haven't tried these yet - Cesium, Rubidium, Potassium)