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Me in the classroom, Fall 2017

Contrary to headlines like "Expert: New York accent on the wane" I do not think the New York accent is disappearing. But I do give many interviews where I discuss the recession of classic NYCE features (like the vowel in coffee, or the absence of /r/ in the syllable coda), as well as the always-controversial question of NYCE borough accents (tldr: there aren't any!) while also spreading a message of natural linguistic change and positive place identity. I also give interviews about other varieties of American English, about politicians' accents (thanks Sanders and Trump for raising awareness of NYCE) and about actors' use of regional accents on popular television shows. I am committed to talking to anyone who will listen about accents and language variation and change. Feel free to get in touch with me!

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I'm not a forensic linguist, but I played on on TV! In Season 2, Episode 4 of American Vandal, on Netflix.

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