Schedule of Readings and Classes

Tues. Sept. 1st: Introduction.

Thurs. Sept. 3rd: French Society c. 1500—an overview.
Readings: R.J. Knecht, The Rise and Fall of Renaissance France, chs. 1-2

Tues. Sept. 8th: The Monarchy of France in the early 16th Century.
Readings: Claude de Seyssel, The Monarchy of France, 31-106 & 163-81 [R]

Thurs. Sept. 10th: France and Italy.
Readings: Knecht, chs. 3-4; Seyssel, 107-28 [R]

Tues. Sept. 15th: The Pavian Crisis.
Readings: Knecht, chs. 6 & 8-9; Seyssel, 129-62; “The Peace of Madrid Repudiated,” & “Edict Defining the Parlement’s Powers” [R]

Thurs. Sept 17th: The Court of Francis I.
Readings: Knecht, ch. 10; Marguerite of Navarre, The Heptameron, pgs TBA.

Tues. Sept. 22nd: The Renaissance in France.
Readings: Heptameron, pgs TBA; François Rabelais, Gargantua and Pantagruel, pgs TBA [R]

Thurs. Sept. 24th: An Absolute Monarchy?
Readings: Knecht, chs. 11-12; J. Russell Major, From Renaissance Monarchy to Absolute Monarchy, 23-56. [R]

****First Essay Due Friday Sept. 25th @ 5pm.****

Tues. Sept. 29th: The Voyages of Jacques Cartier.
Readings: Knecht, ch. 16; Jacques Cartier, The Voyages of Jacques Cartier, 3-106, 126-38, & 144-51.

Thurs. Oct. 1st: The Ferment for Religious Reform.
Readings: Knecht, ch. 7; Virginia Reinburg, “Liturgy and the Laity in Late Medieval and Reformation France,” []; David J. Nicholls, “The Nature of Popular Heresy in France, 1520-1542,” []; Jean Calvin, “Dedication of the Institutes of the Christian Religion to King Francis I” in On God and Political Duty, 3-25 [R].

Tues. Oct. 6th: The Spread of the Reformation.
Readings: Holt, The French Wars of Religion, 7-49. Natalie Z. Davis, Society and Culture in Early Modern France, 17-95; “Iconoclasm in Paris (June 1528),” “The Placard of October 1534,” “The Edict of Couchy (July 1535),” & “Affray in the rue Saint-Jacques (Sept. 1557)” [R]

Thurs. Oct. 8th: The Renaissance Monarchy of Henri II.
Readings: Knecht, chs. 13-15; Michael Wintroub, “Civilizing the Savage and Making a King: The Royal Entry Festival of Henry II (Rouen, 1550).” [].

Tues. Oct. 13th: Léry’s Voyage to Brazil.
Readings: Jean de Léry, History of a Voyage to the Land of Brazil, xlv-lxii, 3-14, 33-50, 56-68, 100-77, & 196-219.

Thurs. Oct. 15th: The Body Broken.
Readings: Barbara Diefendorf, Beneath the Cross, 9-63; Barbara Diefendorf, The Saint Bartholomew’s Day Massacre, 41-56 & 65-70; Davis, 1-17.

Week of Oct. 19th – FALL BREAK

***Second Essay Due Tues. Oct. 27th @ 9am***

Tues. Oct. 27th: The Early Wars of Religion.
Readings: Knecht, chs. 17-18; Mack P. Holt. The French Wars of Religion, 50-75; Diefendorf, Saint Bartholomew’s, 71-81; “Conde’s Manifesto,” “The Grievances of the Malcontent Nobility (1567),” & “The Edict of Saint-Germain (Aug. 1570).” [R]

Thurs. Oct. 29th: Popular Culture and Religious Violence.
Readings: Davis, 152-88; Diefendorf, Beneath the Cross, 64-92; Allan A. Tulchin, “The Michelade in Nimes.” []

Tues. Nov. 3rd: Huguenots and Catholics in Florida.
Readings: René Goulain de Laudonnière, Three Voyages, 3-170.

Thurs. Nov. 5th: Catherine de Medicis.
Readings: Knecht, “Catherine de Medicis, Saint or Sinner?” [R]; Katherine Crawford, “Catherine de Medicis and the Performance of Political Motherhood.” []; “Catherine de Medici’s Advice to her Son (1563)” [R]

Tues. Nov. 10th: The St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre.
Readings: Holt, 76-99; Diefendorf, Beneath the Cross, 93-107; Diefendorf, Saint Bartholomew’s, 82-111; 114-27

Thurs. Nov. 12th: The Huguenot Response.
Readings: All: Holt, 99-122; Diefendorf, Beneath the Cross, 107-44; Diefendorf, Saint Bartholomew’s, 128-33.
TBD: Jean Calvin, “On Civil Government” & “Commentaries on Daniel” in On God & Political Duty [R]; Theodore Beza, “The Right of Magistrates” and Philippe Duplessis-Mornay, “Vindicae Contra Tyrannos” in Julian H. Franklin, ed., Constitutionalism & Resistance in the 16th Century [R]

Tues. Nov. 17th: The Three Henrys and The “Politiques.”
Readings: Holt, 123-55; Jean Bodin, Six Books of the Commonweale, I.8, II.1, & II.5 in On Sovereignty [R]; “The Formula of the General League (1576),” “The League of Péronne, as Revised by the King and by the League in Picardy (Dec. 1576),” “Damville’s Memorandum to the King.” [R]

Thurs. Nov. 19th: Pamphlets, Preachers, and Pictures.
Readings: Diefendorf, Beneath the Cross, 145-58; Diefendorf, Saint Bartholomew’s, 59-61, 63-65, 135-36, & 142-43; Philip Benedict, Lawrence M. Bryant, & Kristen B. Neuschel, “Graphic History: What Readers Knew and Were Taught in the Quarante Tableaux of Perrissin and Tortorel.” []

Tues. Nov. 24th: A Provincial Noble Ponders the World.
Readings: Michel de Montaigne, Apology for Raymond Sebond, pgs TBA; “On Cannibals.” [R]

Thurs. Nov. 26th: THANKSGIVING

Tues. Dec. 1st: The Catholic League.
Readings: All: Holt, 123-55; “Documents on the Catholic League.” [R]
TBD: J.H.M. Salmon, “The Paris Sixteen, 1584-94: The Social Analysis of a Revolutionary Movement.” []
Hilary Bernstein, “The ‘Bourgeoisie Seconde,’ the Catholic League, and Urban Society” []
Robert Descimon, “The ‘Bourgeoisie Seconde’: Social Differentiation in the Parisian Municipal Oligarchy in the Sixteenth Century, 1500-1610” []
Mack P. Holt, “The League in Burgundy: A ‘Bourgeoisie Seconde’?” []

Thurs. Dec. 3rd: Henri IV and the End of the Religious Wars.
Readings: Holt, 156-77; Diefendorf, Saint Bartholomew’s, 144-48; Michael Wolfe, “The Conversion of Henry IV and the Origins of Bourbon Absolutism.” [R]; “De Thou on Reactions in the Royal Camp,” “Henry of Navarre’s Declaration (4 Aug. 1589),” “Henry IV and Abbéville” [R]

Tues. Dec. 8th: Conclusion.
Readings: Knecht, 465-95; Holt, “Putting Religion Back into the Wars of Religion,” []; Henry Heller, “Putting History Back into the Religious Wars: A Reply to Mack P. Holt,” []; Holt, “Religion, Historical Method, and Historical Forces: A Rejoinder.” [].


*** Weds. Dec. 16th: FINAL PAPER DUE***