Courses Taught

Justice and the Law in Medieval and Early Modern Europe.

Religious Reformations and Social Transformations in Early Modern Europe.

Heretics, Witches, and Inquisitors: Deviance, Orthodoxy, and the Law in Medieval and Early Modern Europe.

Legalizing Europe: Church, State, Society, and "The Rule of Law," 1100-1600.

Early Modern European Humanities: The Renaissance World and the Birth of Modernity.

Renaissance and Civil War in the French World (1494-1610). Website

France and its Colonies in the Age of Absolutism (1598-1760).

Junior Seminar: Law and Society in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe. Syllabus

The French Revolution, c. 1770-1800. Website

Renaissance Italy: State, Culture and Society. Syllabus

Topics in the French Enlightenment.

Western Humanities: Greece and the Roman World / The Ancient Mediterranean World.

Authority and Society in Seventeenth-Century Europe.

Europe from the Renaissance to 1789.

Europe from 1789 to Present.