Map Key

Numbered items on the map indicate a link to a contentdm image; yellow items on the map indicate content dm images that have been identified by position.

The photograph orientation symbol's pointed end indicates the position where the camera was pointing when the image was taken.


acrobat acrobat   armored infantry armored infantry
archer archer   officer officer
functionary functionary   officer charioteer charioteer
horseman horseman   kneeling robed figure kneeling robed figure
kneeling crossbowman kneeling crossbowman   general general
saddled horse saddled horse   charioteer general charioteer general
unsaddled horse unsaddled horse   general seated charioteer general
stable stable   artifact artifact
sacrifice sacrifice   virtual pano image panoramic image
shorter chariot
  photograph symbol photograph orientation

Architectural Details

building building   excavated pit excavated area
satellite tomb satellite tomb   partially unearthed pit partially mapped & unearthed pit
cemetery cemetery   mapped pit boundary of unmapped site
pit boundary of suspected archaeological site or area containing ones   ramp ramp to building
conjectured feature conjectured feature