Open to All Researchers, Students, Faculty, Staff and Persons Generally Interested in Animal Behavior


The Portland Behavior Club was founded in 2006 as a venue for intellectual echancement and social interaction among scientists of like mind.
We welcome new members and new ideas.


Portland Behavior Club mission:

1. Networking for students & postdocs to further their careers in science.
2. Spreading interest about the latest great article/poster you have read or produced.
3. Sharing expertise in problem solving research questions, designing projects, analyzing data.
4. Mutual assistance with animal behavior pedagogy for lecture and lab courses.
5. Stress relief: an opportunity for profs to complain about students and students to complain about profs.

The NW5C "Gang"lia was founded in 2012 as a venue for intellectual enhancesment, social interaction, and improved student experience among the neuroscience/behaviorally oriented faculty at the colleges belonging to the Mellon Funded Northwest Five Consortium (University of Puget Sound, Whitman College, Lewis and Clark College, Willamette University and Reed College).

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