What is Duetting?

(Image courtesy of www photo.net acessed 09/29/2010)


A songbird duet is when one bird, such as Fringilla coelebs, displayed above, responds to a conspecific's song usuall,y but not limited to, as part of a mated pair. In effect, duetting is the equivalent of interspeieces communication. This behavior typically observed in birds, there are other species that also engage in duet-like behavior. Although son, as a signaling system has been studied in depth for decades, duetting is a complex of system of communication that has only recently become the focus study.Though duetting behavior has been extensively studied in tropical species, this behavior has been observed in 7% of species from 12 avian families in North American Passerines (Langmore). This includes a wide range of families including quails, bushshirkes, babblers, and some owls. In order to view this behavior in context, this website aims to use Tinbergen's four questions to analyize this form of communication with current theories set up by leading scienitists. Iin effect, the ulimate and proximate causes of this unique behavior can be fleshed out. Throughout the website, these themes are tied together so that this behavior can be seen in context and as discreet factors.