Student Theses

Recent thesis titles:

  • Haofan Yin (2022) Identification of Core Promoter region of Xenopus laevis Telomerase Reverse Transcriptase
  • Savannah K. McBride (2020) Characterizing the Xenopus laevis xTERT Proximal Promoter
  • Claire Milander-Mashlan (2020) Telomerase in Xenopus laevis: Half-Life and TERT Expression
  • Shawn Owens (2020) Telomerase Activity in Xenopus Cultures Subjected to DNA Damage Treatments
  • Julia Yuan (2020) An Investigation of a Truncated Xenopus laevis TRF2
  • Theodosia K. Bartasevich (2019) PinX1 Telomerase Inhibitory Domain Secondary Structure
  • Peter R. McIlroy (2019) Investigating xPinX1 Inhibition of DNA Polymerases
  • Krishna Anand (2019) Construction of an epitope-tagged Xenopus laevis TIN2 clone
  • Kerry Jones (2017) Telomerase expression in dividing and quiescent Xenopus cultures
  • Claudia V. Bosch (2017) Investigating the potential cross-species inhibition of telomerase by PinX1
  • Evan Welch (2017) Telomerase inhibition : hPinX1 or buffer
  • Michaela Adams (2017) Telomere length variation in Xenopus laevis tissues
  • Michael Jacobson (2016) Towards a robust telomerase assay
  • Ajit Elhance (2016) Cross-species inhibition of telomerase by PinX1
  • Philippe Lior-Liechtenstein (2016) Characterization of Xenopus TRF1 and TRF2 interaction to TIN2
  • Rich Posert (2015) Structural Characteristics of the PinX1 Telomerase Inhibitory Domain
  • Emiliano Reed (2015) Is there an Interaction Between xPinx1 and xTERT in the Xenopus laevis shelterin complex?
  • Sarah Resnick (2015) Relative Expression of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae Acetyltransferase Genes ATF1 and ATF2 Predict the Profile of Select Acetate Esters in Fermented Products
  • Genevra Kuziel (2013) In vivo interaction of the Xenopus laevis proteins xTRF1 and xPinX1 
  • Alec Condon (2013) PinX1 inhibition of telomerase and PCR
  • Jeffrey Hunter (2012) Characterizing the interaction between Xenopus laevis TRF2 and TIN2
  • Isabel Cylinder (2012) Inhibition of telomerase by Xenopus laevis partial xPinX1
  • Gleb Bazilevsky (2012)  Investigating the shelterin complex in Xenopus laevis : TRF1 and PinX1 interaction in an in vivo model
  • Jacqueline Pires (2012) Subcellular localization of Xenopus laevis TRF1 in interphase A6 cells
  • Giancarlo Bruni (2011) The effect of PinX1 fusion protein on telomerase activity of Xenopus laevis in vitro
  • Sophie Mayer (2011) Telomeric localization of shelterin protein xTRF1 in somatic Xenopus laevis cells
  • Ella Stern (2011) The relation of xTERT transcript abundance to relative telomerase activity in adult Xenopus laevis tissues
  • Patrick Fink (2010) Recombinant Partial Xenopus laevis PinX1 Proteins for Telomere Research - Abstract
  • David Constant (2009) Production and purification of X. laevis PinX1, a putative telomerase inhibitor
  • Jennifer Jin (2009) Is the interaction between human telomere proteins TIN2 and TRF1 conserved in Xenopus laevis? - Abstract
  • Molly King (2009) An investigation into the interaction of X. laevis telomeric proteins TRF1 and PinX1 - Abstract
  • Jayne T. Gaubatz (2007) PINX1: A Potential Telomerase Inhibitor in Xenopus laevis - Abstract

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