Janis Shampay
Howard Vollum Professor of Biology
Reed College
Portland, OR 97202

Office: Biology B226
Phone: (503) 517-7887
Email: shampay@reed.edu

Office Hours

Spring 2020: I am available for phone or video conferencing on Fridays 10 am - noon PDT, or most other times - just email me to arrange a time.

Teaching Fall Semester

Biology 356 - Gene Regulation

Teaching Spring Semester

Biology 102 or Biology 256: Human Genetics
Biology 431: Chromosome Structure and Function


1981 B.A., Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Northwestern University, Evanston IL
1987 Ph.D., Molecular Biology, Univ. of California, Berkeley

Unofficial archivist of the Biology Department's dogs and cats.

Genetics of Janis's felines


Fink Mt. Hood
Patrick Fink (2010) and telomeres on the summit of Mount Hood.