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*indicates undergraduate coauthor. = indcates authors contributed equally to work.


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2012 & Earlier

Fey SB, Cottingham KL. 2012. Thermal sensitivity predicts the establishment success of non-native species in a mesocosm warming experiment. Ecology. 93, 2313-2320. Link

Fey SB, Cottingham KL. 2011. Linking biotic interactions and climate change to the success of exotic Daphnia lumholtzi. Freshwater Biology. 56, 2196-2209. Link

Fey SB, Mayer ZA*, Davis SD*, Cottingham KL. 2010. Zooplankton grazing of Gloeotrichia echinulata and associated life history consequences. Journal of Plankton Research. 32, 1337-1347. Link  **2010 David Cushing Prize winner**




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