Summary of Topics (subject to change; see Moodle or the syllabus for details)

Week 1: Introduction to Graphs
Week 2: Basic Characteristics of Biological Networks | Animal Social Networks
Week 3: "Closeness" Measurements | Protein-Protein Interactomes
Week 4: Shortest Paths
Week 5: Random Walks | Signaling Pathways
Week 6: Spanning Trees | Gene Co-Expression Networks
Week 7: Network Flow 
Fall Break!
Week 8: Community Detection | Disease Networks
Week 9: Neighbor Joining | Phylogeny Reconstruction
Week 10: Case Study: Predicting NMII Regulators
Week 11: Case Study: Predicting NMII Regulators
Week 12: Epidemiology Networks
Week 13: Graph Extensions
Week 14: Wrap Up